Forklift Rental for Atlanta, GA, Businesses

forklift rental atlantaTo secure a forklift rental for your Atlanta, Georgia, business from a reliable company, turn to Lift Atlanta.  metro area and surrounding communities. Whether you need to expand your fleet to account for your company’s busy season or a high-volume job, or you are just looking to
save the up-front expenditures that come with purchasing a new lift truck, renting forklifts from Lift Atlanta is a perfect solution. We have a sizeable fleet available for rent featuring two of the industry’s top lift truck manufacturers – Linde and Hyundai – and with our competitive pricing you’ll surely be able to find an option that fits into your budget.

Some of the benefits of our forklift rental services for Atlanta, GA, businesses include:

  • Rent ForkliftsShort- and long-term rental agreements – The flexibility allows you to choose the best option for your company.
  • Fixed cost – The contracted price won’t change, so you’ll always know exactly what your monthly cost will be.
  • Maintenance included – There is no need to worry about hiring an outside service team. All maintenance is priced into the rental agreement, including regularly scheduled service, and everything is performed by our expert technicians at your place of business.
  • Free replacements – If one of your lift trucks malfunctions and we can’t fix the problem within 48 hours, we’ll provide a free replacement to minimize the impact on your production schedule.

For more information on our forklift rental services for Atlanta, GA, companies, contact us today. We also offer new lift trucks, forklift leasing, and more.