Pneumatic forklifts from Baoli allow your employees to transport inventory and other materials seamlessly both indoors and outdoors. They bring high levels of efficiency, productivity and safety to any warehouse. Lift Atlanta proudly offers two options of Baoli pneumatic forklifts:

KBD Series: The KBD Series from Baoli can lift up to 7,000 pounds and can even reach speeds up to 19 MPH. This diesel-powered pneumatic forklift is durable on any terrain, ensuring your investment pays off for a long period of time.
KBG Series: Baoli also offers an electric pneumatic forklift in the KBG Series. This electric lift truck can also lift up to 7,000 pounds. As Baoli puts it: this forklift “exceeds the standard for economy segment forklift trucks.”

You can either purchase or rent these pneumatic lift trucks from Baoli. Lift Atlanta provides service and maintenance throughout the Atlanta and Augusta markets, bringing a level of local customer service that national competitors cannot match. Contact us today and we’ll help you decide which Baoli pneumatic forklift is perfect for your warehouse.