Hydrostatic Drive Forklifts in Atlanta, Augusta & Surrounding Areas

When you need reliable forklifts capable of extreme precision, look into using hydrostatic drive forklifts. These vehicles have engines which circulate hydraulic fluid to power the wheels instead of a mechanical powertrain, allowing for smoother acceleration and more precise movement. These drives require exceptional skill to engineer, which is why Linde is the only manufacturer that has a true 100% hydrostatic drive system. As an authorized Linde dealer, Lift Atlanta is your best source for hydrostatic drive forklifts in Georgia and South Carolina.

A hydrostatic drive forklift offers many benefits, including:

Efficient engines – These engines transfer nearly all of their power directly to the wheels through the hydraulic fluid. This means the engines can operate at lower RPMs; saving huge amounts of fuel and reducing wear.

Fewer moving parts – Hydrostatic drives eliminate the need for a clutch, gearbox, differential and many other components which can wear out and lead to costly repairs.

Advanced braking – The oil disc brakes in these forklifts engage automatically as the accelerator is released, which reduces wear, provides smoother braking and releases fewer harmful particles.

Since these machines require far less maintenance, it can be hard to find an experienced technician to fix them when they need it. Fortunately, Lift Atlanta’s maintenance staff has an average of 15 years experience and specializes in servicing Linde hydrostatic forklifts. This means you can count on them to catch any problems during scheduled maintenance and quickly perform repairs whenever needed.