1319 Series

5,000- 6,500 lbs

Lifting Capacity

11.25 MPH

Travel Speed


Fuel Type

1319 Series Overview

With it’s impressive performance the truck still maintains low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Advanced engine and drive technology enable the operator to use the truck’s potential to maximize productivity. Ergonomic layout of all hydraulic functions allow for a high level of precision fingertip control and working performance.

Effective and cost efficient: Linde hydraulic system contains cowl-mounted hydraulic handles, short linkage leading to precise control and a high oil volume. As a result, servicing costs are low, truck uptime is high and productivity is enhanced.

Features & Benefits

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low exhaust emissions
  • Low noise levels
  • Accessibility from both sides of the lift
  • Easy-actuation controls
  • Extended maintenance Intervals
  • High-torque transmission