Linde 388 Series

7,500- 11,000 lbs

Lifting Capacity

12.5 MPH

Travel Speed

80 Volt Electric

Fuel Type


Reliability and durability are a Linde design objective. All components and assemblies are tested to meet rigorous longevity standards. During truck operation, dual electronic control circuits monitor all systems to ensure flawless performance. Sealed component housings and enclosures provide additional protection against the ingress of contaminants, abrasives and moisture.

Effective and efficient, the unique Linde energy management system ensures optimal performance and unmatched energy utilization. Uptime is achieved through the use of highly reliable components, a superb level of comfort for the driver and robust truck design features.

Benefits and Features

  • Effortless operation of all mast functions
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Two powerful, front-axle AC drive motors
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Ergonomically designed steering wheel
  • Excellent view of load and surroundings