Linde 394 Series

8,000- 11,000 lbs

Lifting Capacity

14.9 MPH

Travel Speed

Diesel & LPG

Fuel Type

Linde 394 Series Overview

Advanced engine and drive technology combined with the original Linde Load Control system enable the operator to utilize the truck’s vast potential for greatest possible productivity. The exclusive Linde dual pedal travel control allows smooth directional changes and precise maneuvering, even in the tightest areas.

A comfortable operator is a productive and safe operator. That’s why the 394-02 series is designed to the latest ergonomic standards. A multitude of features such as the armrest, full suspension seat, ample foot room, and an adjustable steering column, are all part of a comprehensive effort to keep the operator comfortable and secure.

Features and Benefits

  • No differential, no service brakes, no mechanical transmission parts
  • Increased productivity, limited operator fatigue
  • Effortless control of all hydraulic functions
  • Most up-to-date engine monitoring & operating technology
  • Spacious cab with generous leg room
  • Easily adjustable performance parameters