RX 60 Series

8,000- 11,000 lbs

Lifting Capacity

11.2 - 12.4 MPH

Travel Speed

80 Volt Electric

Fuel Type

RX 60 Series Overview

The new rail design also strengthens the mast and limits deflection, resulting in a superior residual capacity. Fast travel speed of 12 mph and lift speed of 100 fpm, enable this truck to operate in place of engine powered units. To negotiate rail-road crossings, curbs, steep ramps or other obstacles, the truck features an automatic power boost. The boost briefly activates when the system senses demand.

Power and durability mean very little if driver fatigue becomes a problem. That’s why we designed the RX60 to minimize┬ástrain on the operator throughout the demanding work day. A multitude of features such as low noise level, floating operator┬ácompartment, tilted floor board, fully adjustable suspension seat, and adjustable steering column are all part of the comprehensive ergonomic design with the sole purpose of keeping the operator comfortable and secure.

Benefits and Features

  • Energy efficient, excellent heat dissipation
  • Power boost and automatic deceleration
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Quick directional change
  • Increased productivity
  • Low maintenance with continuous on-board diagnostics