About Lift Atlanta

Lift Atlanta, Inc was started on September 1, 1975, in Decatur, GA as an Otis Material Handling Equipment dealer, Otis Elevator at that time being the parent company for Baker forklifts. The company was founded by Mitchell Milovich and is currently the company’s CEO. Mitch has extensive industry experience working for the Baker Material Handling Company in Cleveland, Ohio in various capacities since the mid-1960s. In 1975, Mitch purchased the assets of a Baker branch in Atlanta to start the company.

aboutus_2In the early years, Lift Atlanta grew on a simple philosophy of providing quality material handling equipment and honest sales and service, to help our customers save money – and it’s a philosophy we still believe to this day.

In 1983, the company moved to our current location at 2425 Park Central Blvd. in Decatur. 1986 saw the company expand its operations to include a full-service branch in Augusta, GA- this branch is still in operation, and employs 10 people.

During the 1980’s Lift Atlanta expanded our product offerings beyond Baker forklifts and Taylor-Dunn personnel/burden carriers to include a second forklift line, dock equipment, in-plant offices, racks and mezzanines, and other related products. At one point, Lift Atlanta employed 70 people.In the mid to late 1990’s, we took a close look at our operations and felt we had drifted away from our core products of lift trucks and began to narrow our scope of product offerings, as we like to say, “returning to the girl we came to the dance with”. We returned to being strictly Taylor-Dunn dealer. With a narrower scope, we felt we could better serve our customers. Do a few things very well, instead of doing many things only average.


In 2001, Mark Milovich, son of the company’s founder, was named company president. Mark has worked for the company since 1986 in various capacities, including all departments and Branch Manager for the Augusta branch.

In August 2013, Lift Atlanta was announced as the authorized dealer for Clark Forklifts for the Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC markets. It’s very exciting to be aligned with one of the historical names in the material handling industry. The legendary quality and features of the Clark forklifts still remain to this day. The addition of the Columbia, SC market adds to the company’s selling area.

We are a very conservatively run company. We manage our growth to levels we can maintain because growth for the sake of growth only causes problems and has a negative effect on how customers are serviced. We believe we are an important part of our customer’s success because we know how important material handling equipment is to the movement of goods, and if goods are not moving, money is being lost.

We are a very honest company. We look for quality relationships with our customers- one of mutual respect. If it’s not right, we will make it right.

aboutus_1We try to align ourselves with quality manufacturers – ones that we, as well as our customers, can trust for quality goods and services. We will not take on a product line to simply take it on, or keep someone else from having it. Products have to fit our scope of business and tie into the type company we are and the philosophies we have.

One of the things we are most proud of is the longevity of our employees. Of our total employee base, 40% of our people have 10 or more years with the company, with 27% having 20 or more years of service! Today, that is really uncommon!

So give us a try! All we ask is for an opportunity to showcase our products and services, and show you how we can reduce your costs of owning and operating material handling equipment!

If you are currently one of our valued customers – THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!