Forklift Batteries in Atlanta, Augusta, Aiken, Marietta and the Georgia – South Carolina Area

The electric forklift battery has greatly evolved over the past several years. These batteries are now able to charge more frequently, with less cooling and longer lifecycles. “Opportunity charging” can allow batteries to work nearly constantly by taking advantage of downtime to recharge, without reducing their operational life. There are also rapid charging batteries that only take 4 hours to charge instead of the usual 8. Best of all, a new 80-volt forklift battery can last up to 14 hours on a single charge. With all of these new advantages, electric forklifts are more appealing than ever before. The forklift experts at Lift Atlanta can help you understand all of the benefits this technology offers and provide the vehicles, parts and service you need to take advantage of them.

Having the right forklift battery charger is crucial if you’re running an electric fleet. When paired with the wrong charger, batteries can have drastically reduced lifecycles and capacity. This may prevent your forklifts from completing their shifts and drastically reduce your fleet’s efficiency. At Lift Atlanta, we’re an authorized dealer of several brands of electric forklifts and can provide all the latest charging equipment and other electric forklift accessories your business needs.

We have a wide selection of electric forklifts and forklift parts from some of the most trusted brands, including:

  • Big Joe
  • Linde
  • Clark
  • Taylor-Dunn
  • Baoli
  • And more

Whatever model you choose, you can count on Lift Atlanta to have a forklift battery to fit it. Our large selection of OEM and used forklift parts includes all of the cables, chargers and the other parts needed to give your forklifts a longer life. We even have a large selection of used forklift batteries for companies with a smaller maintenance budget.

For more information on our forklift batteries and battery replacements, contact Lift Atlanta today.