Clark internal combustion (IC) forklifts are reliable, durable and productive. Lift Atlanta always wants to provide the best option to our customers – that’s why we offer many different options of Clark IC forklifts. These include cushion and pneumatic lif truck models from Clark.

Pneumatic IC Forklifts – Our inventory has four different series options for Clark pneumatic forklifts. It includes the C15-20S, C20-35, C4–55S, and C60-80 Series. With a lift capacity ranging anywhere from 3,000 pounds to 18,000 pounds, we’re positive you’ll find the right forklift for your needs. Remember, pneumatic forklifts are ideal for outdoor use and rugged terrain.

Cushion IC Forklifts – Lift Atlanta also offers cushion-tire forklifts for those who need quiet indoor lift trucks. Our inventory includes the C15-20S, C25-32C, CGC 40-55, and CGC 60-70 Series. These models can lift up to 15,500 pounds, bringing power and productivity to any warehouse.

As a certified Clark dealer in the Atlanta and Augusta regions, Lift Atlanta offers these models for both purchase and rent. We also provide general scheduled maintenance, as well as emergency repair services. Contact our sales team and certified technicians today to find out which Clark IC forklift is perfect for your lifting needs.