Forklift Training

PLEASE NOTE- Due to OSHA requirements and other liabilities, Lift Atlanta only offers Forklift Operator Training to people through their place of employment. OPERATOR TRAINING TO PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS IS NOT AVAILABLE.

OSHA requires forklift operators to receive training to ensure they can safely operate these machines. This training is an essential part of operating a safe warehouse or other facility, and will help prevent costly lawsuits and fines in addition to minimizing the number of time-consuming accidents. At Lift Atlanta, we know that proper training is just as important to our customers as reliable lift trucks. This is why we offer both the formal lessons and practical training OSHA forklift certification requires at a price you can afford. With over 30 years of experience in the materials handling industry, you can trust our forklift school to be both effective for employees and affordable for employers.

Some of the features of our OSHA forklift certification classes include:

  • Class sizes no larger than 15, so every student gets adequate attention
  • On-site training so your employees learn in the same situations where they’ll have to work
  • Spanish language training for diverse workplaces
  • And more

With some of the most flexible forklift safety classes available, we have training programs that can match any businesses need. If you can’t afford to certify each of your employees individually, we offer a “Train the Trainer” program so you can start providing your forklift licenses in-house. Either way, you’ll reduce your liability and promote a safe work environment with an OSHA-certified forklift crew.

For more information about OSHA forklift training in Atlanta, Augusta, Aiken and beyond, contact us today.