Taylor-Dunn tuggers, better known as industrial tow tractors and trailers, give you a powerful towing option in and around your warehouse. These electric vehicles are commonly found in airports, but can be used in virtually any setting. The options at Lift Atlanta offer a towing capacity of up to 30,000 pounds! Towing with Taylor-Dunn gives you benefits such as:

– Increased productivity and speed
– More powerful than the competition
– Option to choose between an electric tow tractor and a gas-powered tugger

Contact Lift Atlanta today to see how tuggers from Taylor-Dunn can increase efficiency in your warehouse! Our team will help you select the best option to fulfill your warehouse needs. And since it’s an industrial tow tractor from Taylor-Dunn, you’ll know you’re receiving the best price on the market!

As a Taylor-Dunn partner, Lift Atlanta proudly offers these models for purchase or for rent. We also provide maintenance and service for these electric vehicles, as well as OEM parts. Contact us today to learn more.