Are these order pickers, tuggers, elevated work platforms or forklifts? Thanks to Big Joe, you don’t have to decide! These access forklifts are extremely versatile, and can meet many warehouse needs. Lift Atlanta offers the Joey 1 and Joey 2 electric access forklifts:

Joey 1 – Big Joe calls the Joey 1 a “task support vehicle.” It can lift up to 1,000 pounds and features a 24 volt ZAPI-AC0 Travel Controller. Ergonomic fingertip control gives the operator total precision, which helps increase productivity and workplace safety. This order picker can elevate over 13 feet in the air, and still has the ability to maneuver at that height.
Joey 2– While the Joey 2 doesn’t quite have the same lift height capacity as its brother, it’s 2,000 pound lift capacity is greater than the Joey 1. This electric vehicle is ideal for those needing a low-level order picker. It can still elevate up to 6 feet in the air, and offers a comfortable operator compartment and no-mark tires.

Having trouble deciding which access forklift or order picker you need? Contact Lift Atlanta today and we’ll help you decide which Big Joe forklift is perfect for your lifting needs.

As always, these models are available to purchase or rent. Our service team also provides forklift maintenance and emergency repairs.