Lift Atlanta is proud to offer Baoli forklifts to the Atlanta and Augusta regions. Baoli forklifts are the perfect equipment for those looking for an economic material handling solution. As part of the KION Group, Baoli aims to provide affordable forklifts that still get the job done by meeting all safety and productivity requirements. Baoli offers smart business and material handling solutions for your facility at a lower overall cost than other brands. Check out the different options Lift Atlanta offers from Baoli, one of the world’s leading forklift supplier:

Baoli Electric Forklifts – Baoli offers the KBET18 electric forklift, one of the most affordable and reliable electric forklifts on the market.
Baoli Pneumatic Forklifts – Lift Atlanta has both the KBD and KBG Series in stock. Learn more about these electric pneumatic forklifts from Baoli.

Lift Atlanta also offers certified forklift repair service and maintenance for Baoli forklifts. We also provide OEM forklift parts for Baoli machinery. Like our entire inventory, these lift trucks are available to purchase or rent. Contact our team today to keep your Baoli forklift running at the most efficient level possible!