RX 60C Series

5,000- 6,000 lbs

Lifting Capacity

12 - 12.5 MPH

Travel Speed

80 Volt Electric

Fuel Type

RX 60C Series Overview

Travel speed of 12 mph and lift speed of 100 fpm, enable this truck to operate in place of engine powered units. The truck features an automatic power boost to negotiate rail-road crossings, curbs, steep ramps or other obstacles. The boost briefly activates when the system senses demand.

To adapt to different operating conditions and customer requirements, all performance parameters are adjustable. The “ramp hold” function automatically keeps the truck in position on a grade without the operator stepping on the brake.

Benefits and Features

  • AC technology with enclosed motors
  • Quick directional change
  • Energy return system
  • Dual independent CAN-bus systems
  • Superb visibility
  • Quick-set parking brake