Benefits Of A New Forklift

Should I buy a new forklift or a used forklift? It’s a question that has been asked for years. This article details why new forklifts are a more efficient, safer choice.

Power + Speed = Efficiency

Linde 393 Hydrostatic ForkliftAny good business decision should increase efficiency. Efficiency is described as “achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted time or effort.” So, how can a new forklift do that?

By being powerful and fast.

It’s simple: new equipment runs faster than older equipment. That holds true with forklifts. Depending on the size of your warehouse and the size of your inventory, you may need to transport thousands of pounds within minutes or seconds throughout any given day. Are you really going to rely on that 2004 Toyota forklift?

As time goes on, parts get older, engines and batteries lose some juice, and forklift tires lose tread and grip they once had. A forklift you bought in 2006 may not have that lift capacity of 6,000 pounds anymore.

However, when you purchase a new forklift, you’ll experience the lift capacity, turn radius, speed, and other specifications that were promised from the forklift dealer and manufacturer.

Forklift Safety

Think about the amount of inventory you have in your warehouse at any given time. Can you really risk damaging any of it? How much would that cost your company?

Plus, that’s not even close to being the only safety concern when it comes to forklifts. A forklift is a heavy piece of machinery and must be treated as such. When used incorrectly or in an unsafe manner, a forklift can cause serious harm to operators and bystanders that could result in disability pay and/or a lawsuit. Not to mention your building infrastructure like walls, pallet racking system, and more can all be damaged by a forklift accident.

As technology evolves, so does safety. Forklift manufacturers have made it a point recently to increase safety with every new model. This could include new automatic features that will help prevent accidents, more identifiable alarms and signals, or improved ergonomics.

Older forklifts definitely have safety features, but not nearly as many as new models.

Forklift Durability & Longevity

Clark Forklifts For Sale at Lift AtlantaNo, we can’t sit here and tell you that a new forklift costs less than a used forklift. Or can we?

True, new forklifts cost more upfront. But that new piece of equipment has the ability to actually save you money over the long haul. With proper maintenance, forklifts can last many years, and since nobody else has owned the new forklift, you are completely responsible for keeping it in top shape. Many dealers offer regular maintenance packages that will keep your equipment running smooth for years to come. These maintenance checks identify any issues or problems before they get too large and result in costly repairs.

Many dealers also offer extended warranties through the manufacturers. If something were to go wrong, these warranties cover any repairs or replacements. When buying a new forklift, be sure to check over the warranty to see what it covers and what it doesn’t.

A new forklift obviously comes equipped with brand new parts. If you bought a used forklift, you may be required to buy replacement forklift parts a month later. That’s not the case with new forklifts.

Over the long run, a new forklift will cost your company less if taken care of properly.

Employee Satisfaction

Another factor that can increase efficiency in your warehouse? Believe it or not, but employee satisfaction definitely plays a role. Just think; who’s going to complete more work: a happy employee or a frustrated employee?

Purchasing a new forklift makes your forklift operator’s job easier. We already explained the benefits of the actual forklift (powerful, fast, durable, etc.), but this benefit could very well outweigh all of those. Your employees are the ones controlling your forklifts. By investing in a new piece of equipment to make their lives easier, it shows them that you care about them.

A new forklift eliminates unnecessary downtime that used forklifts present, like an employee having to stop work because the equipment shut down again.

Buying a new forklift is an exciting business investment. Be sure to do your homework and research the type of forklift that is perfect for your facility. Whether that’s a narrow aisle forklift, a pallet truck, or a standard 4-wheel electric forklift, Lift Atlanta’s inventory has you covered. Contact our team of specialists today to learn more.