Forklift Service and Repair Dos and Don’ts from Lift Atlanta

Forklift repair isn’t the most exciting part of owning a forklift, but it is the most important. We’ve broken down the dos and don’ts of forklift service and repair so you can get a headstart on keeping your forklift running well and save some money, too.

DON’T: Slack off on regular maintenance

This is a big one: If you keep your forklift well-maintained, you won’t need major repairs for a long, long time. Be sure to keep an inspection checklist handy and run through it frequently, ideally daily, but at a minimum, on days the forklift will be used. Maintenance checks and regular tune-ups with a licensed mechanic can prevent problems before they turn into a full-blown broken forklift in need of repairs.

DO: Know when to call a professional

If you’ve worked with forklifts for a long time, you may be able to handle some of the basic forklift repairs that come with owning one – like watering a battery, for example. For issues you aren’t familiar with, resist the urge to hop on Google or YouTube to find a solution. Instead, call your mechanic and get some proper diagnostics done so you can get to the root of the issue.

DON’T: Let employees use equipment that hasn’t been maintained

Avoiding injury is the first priority for most workplaces. Keep employees off forklifts that are acting strangely, and ensure they’re doing safety and maintenance checks regularly.

DO: Check your battery

If you have an electric forklift, your battery is critical. Check the water level and add water per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Clean your battery once a month and be mindful of charging – forklift batteries can’t differentiate between a full- and half-charge, so try to charge when the battery has 20-30% of power remaining and leave it until completely full to maximize the lifespan. Be sure to wear protective gear when checking the battery, as they do contain acid that can cause severe burns. 

If your battery has any crystals on it or is leaking or smoking, bring it in for a repair right away.

DON’T: Downplay the efficiency of a properly maintained forklift

A well-maintained forklift isn’t only safer, it also works faster and can make your team more productive. Regular forklift service will ensure your machine is functioning as intended and at peak capacity, resulting in a more efficient work environment.

DO: Keep an eye on your tires

Whether you’re in a facility with a smooth floor or on varied terrain, your tires will wear down at some point. Tires can protect your employees from everything from an electric shock to an out-of-control forklift, so watching for deflated, worn, “chunking,” or flat tires is critical. Forklift tire service needs to be done by a professional, so be sure to ask about it at your next forklift service appointment.

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