The Benefits of Regular Forklift Maintenance

It’s no secret that forklifts are investments. They should be treated as such. Think about other equipment in your warehouse. Think about your personal vehicle or home. You take precautions to ensure the health of those items. Why not do the same for your forklift?

Forklifts that undergo regularly scheduled maintenance save you money, possess higher performance levels, and improve safety in your warehouse.


Save Money

Forklift maintenance saves you money in a lot of different ways. First off, regular appointments can catch mechanical issues and problems before they loom too large. Missing or letting these malfunctions go on too long can lead to costly repairs – or worse, including needing to purchase a whole new forklift.

Regular forklift service extends the life of your forklift. Instead of buying a new forklift every five years, you could be looking at every eight or nine years. As prices continue to rise (and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon), regular maintenance can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Besides the obvious savings, regular forklift maintenance also has some hidden savings. Since you are being proactive, your equipment is safer. And since your equipment is safer, the chance of a forklift accident is greatly reduced. Fewer accidents result in fewer OSHA fines, less inventory loss or damage, and fewer employees going on disability.

Performance Levels

Forklift maintenance ensures your equipment is running at optimal levels. Even minor adjustments to your forklift can make all the difference. Think about lifting capacity, turn radius, speed and other features the forklift manufacturer promised. True, your new forklift may have met those specifications. But can it now? As your equipment gets older, performance can lessen without proper maintenance.

Who enjoys downtime when it comes to your forklift? If it’s in the shop, you can’t be using it. That reduces the amount of work that can be accomplished in your facility. Regular forklift maintenance leads to your equipment running smoothly. That results in fewer repairs and less downtime.


Safety always comes first in the workplace – especially when you’re dealing with forklifts. These pieces of equipment definitely make your work easier, but can present potential hazardous situations. Regular forklift maintenance appointments can catch faulty tires, loose attachments, unsafe extensions and other malfunctioning parts.

Catching those issues before disaster strikes is crucial. You’ll cut down on employee and customer injuries, as well as any damage to inventory and your facility. Think about it: spending money to fix one tire costs a lot less than being sued by a customer, replacing inventory, and fixing your storage system that was damaged due to a forklift accident.

Regular forklift maintenance is all about being proactive. Spending a little bit of money incrementally can save you tons of money in repairs, improve forklift performance, and make your facility safer. So, what are you waiting for? Be proactive!

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